Contact Whistleblowers Ireland in the strictest of confidence – 087 919 9113 (7am-11pm) or email – contact @

Whistleblowers Ireland is interested in any public interest issue that is of national importance NOT unfounded and malicious allegations against named individuals, private companies, charities or either State or semi-State bodies.

If sending an email, please restrict your allegations to an initial email of no more than 500 words.

Whistleblowers Ireland does not encourage nor solicit malicious, defamatary or inaccurate information. It also do NOT encourage anyone to break the law or to breach data protection legislation.

However, please be as specific as possible about the exact nature of the issue you want to blow the whistle on and any other information that can help a journalist investigate the issue.

If you do not wish to be contacted, please include whatever information you can in your initial email and you will not be contacted.

Some pointers:

1. What is the nature of your concern?

2. What specific evidence have you got?

3. Are you an employee or an ex-employee of the company/organisation/entity you are blowing the whistle on?

4. Have you tried any internal complaints procedure? If so, what was the outcome?

5. Have you lodged any complaint with any official body? If so – who, when, who did you speak to and what was the outcome?

6. Has ANY aspect of your allegation ever been published in any Irish newspaper and can you send us the link to it online?

7. Has any TD or senator been contacted? If so, who, when and what was the outcome?

8. Have you any specific dates, pointers or information that could provide the basis for a Whistleblowers Ireland Freedom of Information request on your behalf?

9. Can we contact you, either by phone or in person?

10. Would you – at some stage in the future – ever be prepared to go public and/or sign an affidavit?

11. Have you spoken to any journalists before?

12. Do you have a criminal record? If so – what is it for, and did you receive a suspended sentence? If so, how long was it for? Did you receive a custodial sentence?

13. Are you on any medication?

14. Could you be prosecuted for getting in touch with Whistleblowers Ireland? If so – have you taken legal advice and can we contact your lawyer?

15. If your concerns relate to a crime having been or being committed, have you contacted the Gardai? If so – which station did you contact and what has been the outcome? If you haven’t contacted the gardai, why not?