Disclosure to a journalist.

You can make a protected disclosure to a journalist. However, this is only under certain conditions.

For a start, you must reasonably believe the information you want to disclose is substantially true and you must not be making the disclosure for personal gain. In addition, at least one of these conditions must be met:

a) When making that disclosure, you must reasonably believe you will be penalised if you make the disclosure to your employer, a prescribed body (as laid out in the act) or to a relevant Minister.

or . . .

b) Where there is no relevant prescribed body you can make your protected disclosure to, you reasonably believe it is likely the evidence you have to substantiate your protected disclosure will be concealed or destroyed if you make the disclosure to your employer.

or . . .

c) You have already made a disclosure of substantially the same information to your employer, a prescribed body or a relevant Minister.

or . . .

d) The wrongdoing you want to expose is of an exceptionally serious nature.