Before calling us.

Some of this may seem a bit over the top but if you absolutely do not want anybody to know that you are calling Whistleblowers Ireland’s 7am-11pm 087 919 9113 hotline – here’s a few tips:


1. Do not tell anybody you are either thinking of calling or that you have called Whistleblowers Ireland.

2. Withhold your number when calling and do not call from your own mobile phone or one registered to anybody you know. Buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card with cash instead.

3. Make sure when you call, the call is made well away from any phone registered to you  and in a different cell site and leave your normal mobile phone at home.


1) NEVER email from a work, home computer or smart phone registered to you, anyone related to you, friends or work colleagues.

2) Register and use an anonymous email address and use a VPN when emailing.

That said, you would also do well to contact a lawyer and one of the first ports of call could be FLAC – which run free legal advice centres. Their number is 01 906 1010. (If you could mention that we recommended them, that would be appreciated)

You might also want to try Transparency International  who run an advice helpline. It is not a direct legal advice resource. However, they can either refer you to a lawyer or – if you already have a lawyer – they can advise your lawyer. The number is 1800 844 866. (Again, if you could mention that we suggested them, that would be appreciated.)
And don’t forget to come back to us to blow that whistle in the press, if – after seeking advice – that remains something you want to do.
You will also have full copy and quotes approval before any article is sent to a news outlet. 

Contact: 087 919 9113 or email contact @ 

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