Want to blow a whistle?

This is Ireland’s first independent whistleblowing site and has been set up to operate as a free and confidential service for people in Ireland who want to blow the whistle on wrong-doing in NGOs (including charities), any national organisations funded by taxpayers, government departments, semi-State and State agencies as well as large private national companies, like banks – especially nationalised banks.

We do not charge for our work, and we are not affiliated in any way whatsoever to any arm of the State, political party or private corporation.

None of us have ever even worked for an arm of the State or a political party. And while we all have jobs – mostly for national Irish newspapers – none of us work on behalf of our employers here.

This is a wholly independent website run by volunteers who are not paid to be involved with Whistleblowers Ireland or any of its associated blogs or websites.

Any links or contact numbers for organisations on this site other than for Whistleblowers Ireland, Whistleblowing Ireland or other websites or blogs are purely for information purposes only and they are not in any way an indication of any association we have with them.

It must also be stressed we will NEVER approach the entity you wish to blow the whistle about unless we have verified your information and you are happy for us to do so.

The areas we are interested in include allegations about suspected corruption, fraud, bribery, embezzlement, sexual, physical and/or mental abuse, miscarriages of justice, breaches in legal obligations, damage to the environment, workplace malpractice, unauthorised use of funds, unethical and/or immoral behaviour and issues of health and safety.

Want to blow a whistle? Call 087 919 9113 in strict confidence.

Always a good idea to withhold your number and call from a pay-as-you-go number while some distance away from any phone in your name, or call from VOIP while using a VPN.