Social welfare and benefits fraud – 071 967 2648.

Unless you have specific proof or sufficient information about benefits fraud that a) involves a paid public servant abusing his/her office to commit large-scale fraud involving a large number of people around Ireland or b) a private individual committing large-scale fraud involving a large number of people, you should contact the Department of Social Protection on 071 967 2648.

In all cases of suspected benefits fraud, you should contact them, but we’d certainly be interested if there was a whistle to be blown on something that involves a large amount of tax payers’ cash and  involves a large number of people.

We are receiving an increasing number of calls from people wanting to blow the whistle on their neighbours or people they know who they believe are fraudulantly claiming benefits. However, as a self-funded organisation, we just don’t have the resources to investigate/substantiate single reports of localised benefits fraud.

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