AIB whistleblower information makes Irish Daily Mail managed to get the front page of the Irish Daily Mail yesterday with an issue raised by a group of annonymous AIB whistleblowers.

The story has since attracted considerable discussion on the internet – for example, on – and as a result, there will be further revelations about AIB’s lending practices to its own staff and the current state of play as far as how they are likely to be dealt with.

If you work in AIB or any other bailed-out bank – please feel free to get in touch in the absolute strictest of confidence.

Before you do get in touch, please remember to make some simple precautions about protecting your own identity, as outlined here.

As stated in the aims of this site – the objective is to get information from whistleblowers in Ireland into the press and wider media by acting as a free and confidential press agency for whistleblowers in Ireland.

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