If you have a serious and legitimate issue of concern you want to blow the whistle on but do not want your identity to be known to anyone in any whatsoever and are NOT committing a criminal offence by contacting us, please:

1. Do not call Whistleblowers Ireland from landlines or mobile phones registered in your name, an employer’s name, or in the name of anyone who is a friend or relative. Use an unregistered pay-as-you-go SIM or a public coin box. And when you are calling, make sure you are not easily over heard.

2. Do not send Whistleblowers Ireland any emails from any computer or PDA that is connected to you, your work or any of your friends or family.

3. Do not compose the email you want to send us on your home or work computer and then send to newly-registered email. There should be no tracks whatsoever between you and your communication with us.

4. Do not send emails from an internet café near where you live or work.

5. When sending from an internet café – please make sure to ensure the machine you use DOES NOT store any password on the one-off email account you use and make sure to – if possible – clear the internet cache of the machine you use before you leave.

6. Do not send in scans of any documents without being fully aware that those same documents could have marks on them that identify you.

7. Do not tell ANYONE whatsoever what you are doing. Nobody. Not your friends. Your relatives or anyone you work with.

8. Do not tell us your name, you age, your job title, where you live or where you work. If you do not want anyone to know who you are – we don’t need to know any information which could in any way identify you. All we need to know is that the information is true, fair and accurate.

9. At the end of the day, you need to be aware that not only could you lose your job, but you could also end up with – at the very least – problems finding work elsewhere.

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