Mothers told babies were dead warned ‘Don’t complain – or else’

TWO mothers who were wrongly told their unborn babies had died were warned by the masters of their respective hospitals not to complain.

The woman, who contacted Joe Duffy’s Liveline on RTE this afternoon, say they were told ‘things could get very awkward for everybody – including themselves.’

The women were among a string of mothers who gave birth to healthy babies despite being told they had died in their wombs.

Call after call told the same story – that doctors told them their babies had no heartbeat. But the women sought second opinions – one even had to have three scans before a heartbeat was found.

The calls follow revelations about three women – Martha O’Neill Brennan, Gillian Dargle and Melissa Redmond.

Martha, from Athenry, was told by her gynaecologist at Galway University Hospital that her baby was dead but trusting her ‘gut instinct’, she got a second opinion.

Gillian had to have three scans at two different hospitals, including Our Lady of Lourdes, Drogheda. Two of the scans were held there while a third took elsewhere.

Melissa was also wrongly told by staff at Our Lady Lourdes that her baby was dead when it wasn’t.

By Mid-day today, a total of 76 women had called helplines set up by the HSE – 1800 200 529 and 1850 241 850.

If you have a whistle to blow about this particular issue, please contact in the strictest of confidence.