Welcome to Whistleblowers Ireland.


This is the website for a new confidential and FREE service for people in Ireland who want to blow the whistle. It is the first of its kind in Ireland. It is also the first independent whistleblowing website in the Republic of Ireland to operate a hotline. (The number 087 919 9113 – is open to calls from 8am to 11pm.)

We are particularly interested in national charities (including hospitals & nursing homes), national organisations that are funded by taxpayers, government departments, large private national companies (inluding financial establishments) and NGOs – especially where their work has a nationwide remit.

The areas we are interested in include allegations about suspected fraud, bribery, embezzlement, sexual, physical and/or mental abuse, miscarriages of justice, breaches in legal obligations, damage to the environment, workplace malpractice, unauthorised use of funds, unethical and/or immoral behaviour and issues of health and safety.

No correspondence received by Whistleblowers Ireland will be published in the press or anywhere on this site until it has been thoroughly investigated and looked over by lawyers.

This site is run by journalists and is not affiliated with any private company or State entity in any way whatsoever. Any links or contact numbers for organisations on this site other than for Whistleblowers Ireland are purely for information purposes only and they are not in any way an indication of any association we have with them. 

We do NOT encourage anybody to break any laws – for example, the Data Protection Act – and would assume that anyone contacting this website will have taken legal advice or at least have made themselves aware of the potential legal and personal consequences of whistleblowing.
We are NOT interested in unfounded, untrue and malicious allegations against named individuals, private companies, charities and either State or semi-State bodies.
 We would also assume that internal complaints procedures will have either been attempted or exhausted and if they haven’t – we would encourage anyone with a legitimate cause of concern to first raise those concerns internally BEFORE contacting Whistleblowers Ireland.