Leo Varadkar calls for whistleblower legislation.

Want to blow the whistle? Email contact @ whistleblowersireland.com or call/text 087 150 0047. You do not have to give your name.
 THE Irish Stock Exchange’s corporate governance conference has been told that Ireland’s whistleblowers need protective legislation.Fine Gael’s enterprise spokesman Leo Varadkar TD said the activities of banks, the Government and State agencies had damaged the country’s reputation and that there now needed to be a new corporate culture to rebuild it.

And to do that, there needed – he said – to be new laws to govern a raft of new corporate and State-related initiatives.

‘This reputational damage does not have to be lasting damage,’ he said. ‘We are not alone. Other countries have endured reputational damage too.

‘But it is up to us to put our house in order, to do it quickly and to show the world that Ireland is second to none when it comes to corporate governance, ethics and open Government.’

As well as proposing the introduction of a ‘conflicts of interests’ regime and regulation of lobbyists, he said there needed to be legislation to protect whistleblowers.

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