Mary Harney promises protection for health whistleblowers

HEALTH Minister Mary Harney has promised legal protection against anybody in the Health Service who wants to blow the whistle.

Speaking on Wednesday’s RTE1 Pat Kenny show, she said HSE employees with a grievance have ‘full protection’.

Kenny asked her – in the course of an interview about the cost of drugs – if whistleblowers who want to blow the whistle on health issues have ‘protection in law’.

Harney assured the presenter they have.  She said:  ‘Yes. Since 2007 in the health area, staff have full protection.

‘They cannot be discriminated against in any sense as a result of bringing a complaint to the attention of the authorities.

‘So, whistle-blowing has been operational (in) health since 2007 for the last nearly three years.‘

Have you – as a result of ‘bringing a complaint to the attention of the authorities’ – been fully satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with?

Please get in touch with  in total confidence.

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